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Feb. 11th, 2015 @ 10:22 am (no subject)

  • Maddy changed schools from Faxon to Lanigan.  Not only did she change schools, but she changed them in 2 days.  Monday, Faxon.  Tuesday, out (for good reason!  there would have been little supervision for her on that day, and it's part of the reason we left!).  Wednesday (today), Lanigan!  Faxon, while Maddy learned a lot there, was one which was not a good fit for us.  It needed a lot of parent support and we weren't willing to help out.  We just didn't have time with 2 full-time parents working.  They needed more help than they had, which resulted in less communication and more lax policies. It also resulted in a less secure school.

  • We had plumbing work done in the basement to finally fix the drain with high water level which would sometimes come up.  Going into the job, we knew one of the exiting lines, the drain tile line, before it came together, was broken.  What we didn't know was that this drain was tied into this line.  There was so much water pressure that it was coming back into the pipe and there wasn't a lot of relief of the water around the foundation.  So they put a pump onto that broken line to get the water switched over to

  • Mike Chachich left DENSO, which was a huge shock.  I will save his letter at the bottom for posterity.

  • It was announced that Spider Man, an entity of Sony pictures, will be a part of a Marvel Comic Universe movie in the future.  Super exciting!


You will probably be surprised to learn that I resigned from DENSO today.
I didn't intend to time it with the vacation but it just worked out that way.

I know you're trying to find direction in your career. Even at my advanced age I go through the same thing.
I think DENSO is a great company but ultimately I think I found a better match for me elsewhere. We'll see.

As it stands I'll have just two days back in the office. Naka said he'd arrange a lunch for me but in any case we can get together any time.

I've enjoyed working with you and watching you grow into the responsible family man that you are.

You have my number. Don't hesitate to call if you ever need anything. Or just want to chat or get together.

Best regards, Mike
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