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Nov. 10th, 2014 @ 11:03 pm 21 Days of Gratitude
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Slow ride!  Doo doo, dee dee, dee'dee'dee!  Take it easy!

What do we have here?

Today, I had 3 ounces of coffee.  3.  Ounces.  And it slammed me!  Hard.  Boom.  Pow.  Right in the kisser.

  1. I'm grateful for my work campus.  They're always looking for ways to improve things.  Every time I look up, there are always extra plans for how the campus layout is going to be improved.  Last week, it was speed bumps, added to ensure people were driving safely.  This week, it's a new awning running between buildings 30 and 40.  Finally, coming in the next half year, we've got drastic remodeling plans for Building 40.  It really is an exciting time on the campus.  :-)

  2. Alright.  I'm out of positive things to say about work.  I'm moving on to other things.  I'm grateful for my children.  They have changed me in ways I could not have predicted.  I could not have foretold the things that I would go through.  Also, the fact that Lindsey and I have made such amazing kids tells me we were meant to be together.  They really are that great.  There's no limit to how sweet, and caring they seem to be.  Just tonight, Gwen comforted Maddy, who was crying.  She rubbed Maddy's back, wiped her tears away, and held her hand.  Maddy was so stunned, she forgot why she was sad!

  3. I'm grateful for my wife.  She's given and given so much since day 1.  In a previous journal entry I was reading from 7 years ago, I read about how she didn't stop moving and stayed with me to help get our first apartment furnished.  This was before we even started living together.  What can I say about her?  She's been here for me, listening to me complain about things from day 1.  Even through years of talking constantly about eating better, focusing on mood, focusing on improving work, repeatedly complaining about work, then coming back for more waves of good moods, bad boods, good work, bad work.  it's no small wonder that she's stayed through all of it and tried to hard to work at our relationship.  All the while, we've built this incredible bond with inside jokes, inside sounds, and many more things.  Love you so much.  You and the girls are the best things I have going for me.  You are what motivate me the most! 

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